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6.4. Exemption of charges

There is an exemption from charges for the use of the National Transmission System for non-conventional generation of up to 20 MW. The exemption of charges for use of the National Transmission System is complete for those MGNCs with power below 9 MW, and for those between 9 and 20 MW, a proportional adjustment is made depending on the surplus power injected into the system. For example, a MGNC of 15 MW would pay 55% of the total charge, while one of 9 MW would pay no charge for use of the National System.

In addition to the previous chrage exemption aimed at non-conventional generation, for the period between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2034, owners of generators of any type may be subject to a mechanism of elimination of payment injection charge. To this end, generators, distribution companies and free customers that have current supply contracts at the time of publication of the Law 20.936 of 2016 may elect to modify these contracts and access the payment reduction of transmission, if they deduct from the price of the energy supply the amount for use of National Transmission. The discount of the power supply price that the generator must make is determined by the Commission and the transmission charge payment eliminated is then absorbed by all final consumers [39].