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6.5. Ancillary services and NCRE

As described in section 3.5.2. , in the new regulation of ancillary services (D.S. N°113 of 2019) the remuneration of said services is specified, which will be awarded in auctions, tenders or will be provided and/or installed directly.

The remuneration must consider the components associated with the investment, operation and/or maintenance of the facilities for the provision of said services, or alternatively, components associated with their availability and/or activation. In the case of frequency control services that are not provided by the product of a tender, the remuneration must include the availability of the technical resource and/or the activation of said service. The provision of the service that involves the injection of energy to the electrical system, the remuneration for activation will correspond to the injected energy valued at the marginal cost.

It should be noted that the  NTSyCS imposes requirements for solar and wind technologies in terms of its participation in frequency control and voltage control. So these technologies are increasingly participating in ancillary services.