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5.1. Integration alternatives to an electric system

Integration to the electric systems is based on the identification of the type of subsystem in which the connection of the NCRE project is sought, since the technical regulations applicable to the connection and operation of the NCRE generator differs depending on the selected connection system. Figure 29 presents the rules applicable to the NCRE project depending of their connection to a distribution system or transmission.

If the project is in accordance with the Netbilling Law, it will be able to connect to low or medium voltage distribution systems. In the first case, the applicable regulation is the Technical Standard of Connection and Operation of equipment of generation in low voltage. If the project aims to connect to medium voltage, there is no specific rule and should be guided by the offices and indications of the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC). It is important to highlight that, in these cases, the systems may not be established as companies with an electric turn to sell their energy to the network, and are not coordinated by the Coordinator.

If the project is a PMGD intended for connection to a medium voltage distribution system, the applicable standards are the regulation for Non-conventional Generation Means and Small Generation Means established in the General Law of Electrical Services and the respective the Medium Voltage Connection and Operation Technical Standard.

Regarding to PMG and its connection to transmission systems, the regulation D.S. N°88 of 2020 applies and the technical regulation is that found in the Technical Standard for Security and Quality of Service (NTSyCS), although it applies the same regulation as in the previous case, the technical requirements are different for each case. A clear distinction between the distribution systems and the others is achieved by identifying the operating voltage of the network, since the distribution networks are all those that operate at voltages less than or equal to 23 kV.