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2.5. Storage Systems

The Law 20.936 of 2016 adds for the first time in Chilean legislation aspects related to energy storage, defining storage systems and integrating it as part of the power system. The definition presented in the current Chilean Electricity Law regarding storage systems is as follows:

“Technological equipment capable of withdrawing energy from the electric system, transforming it into another type of energy (chemical, potential, thermal, among others) and storing it with the objective of, by an inverse transformation, injecting it back into the electrical system, contributing to safety, sufficiency or economic efficiency of the system”.

The Law further specifies that withdrawals made in the storage process will not be subject to the charges associated with the final customers.

A first regulation on storage is already publicly available and corresponds to that of pumping stations without hydrological variability [24]. This regulation details the rules applicable to the withdrawal of electrical energy by these plants, the procedure to inform the programming of the operation and also the treatment of the power of sufficiency recognized to this type of power plants. In this aspect, the current regulation establishes that the energy withdrawals by a Pumping Station will not be considered for the corresponding payment of final customers for use of the transmission systems [25]. However, they must make payments for the use of such transmission systems for their injections in generation mode.

It should be mentioned that the regulation of the coordination and operation of the national electric system is in elaboration, in which the provisions to integrate the storage systems in the programming and operation of the system are established. Specifically, it establishes the obligations of the Coordinator to operate the withdrawals and energy injections of these systems, and defines its participation in the system of arbitration of energy prices. Also, it establishes the methodology to consider these systems within the operation programming, as well as how to determine the variable costs and the recovery window of the storage system.