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4.7. Minimum technical requirements for NCRE projects contained in the NTSyCS

The technical regulation applicable to the connection and operation of the NCRE generator differs according to the selected connection system, as discussed in section 5.2 of the book, which delves into the requirements for a PMGD. In this chapter, we present the most relevant articles of the Technical Standard for Security and Quality of Service (NTSyCS)[29] that refer to the technical requirements of connection and operation in the interconnected systems of NCRE projects. It is emphasized that the NTSyCS defines the technical requirements applicable to all generation units whose level of connection to the electric system exceeds 23 kV 15, and that there are certain provisions that specifically apply to NCRE technologies, especially wind and solar generation. Moreover, it imposes requirements for its participation in frequency control and voltage control.

The installations and equipment of generators that operate interconnected in the national electric system must comply with certain requirements indicated in the NTCySC. Table 7 summarizes those provisions and the corresponding articles of the NTSyCS applicable to NCRE projects.