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4.6. Recognition of adequacy power to NCRE plants

The adequacy power of generators for unconventional sources, such as geothermal, wind, solar, biomass, tidal, small hydroelectric plants and cogeneration plants will be determined based on the type of input used. In accordance with Article 35 of the S.D. N° 62 to determine the initial power of the NCRE generators, the Coordinator will use the statistical information of the primary input provided by each owner, considering the worst scenario of average annual availability of said input in the last five years. In the case of solar thermal power plants, the primary input will correspond to the stored fluid for the thermal process.

The initial power of thermal NCRE plants (biomass, geothermal, thermosolar and biogas) and hydroelectric will be determined according to the same procedures of conventional thermal and hydroelectric plants respectively. For all other generation technologies classified ERNC, such as wind and solar plants, the initial power will be determined according to the value resulting from multiplying its maximum power by the minimum of the following values:

  • Lower annual plant factor of the last 5 years prior to the year of calculation.
  • Simple average of the plant factors registered for each of the 52 highest hourly values ​​of the annual load curve of each system or subsystem for the year of calculation.

The Coordinator, using a public and technologically neutral probabilistic model, must calculate the contribution of each plant to the adequacy of the system, using as criteria: the initial power of the generator, the statistics of the unit’s operating states (available, not available, deteriorated), maintenance period and own consumption. Both the own consumption and the maintenance period (major maintenance) will be represented by factors that proportionally reduce the value of the initial power.

As a result of the Coordinator’s probabilistic model, the preliminary adequacy power of the unit will be obtained, which must be adjusted by the peak demand of the system to assign the definitive adequacy power to the corresponding unit.

In summary, the recognition of adequacy power will vary mainly according to the generation resource available, the availability of the unit at the time of dispatch, its maximum power and the supply-demand of adequacy of the electrical system. This procedure is discussed in more detail in Annex 3.

Regarding the recognition of adequacy power of the PMGD. The initial power of the PMGDs will be determined according to the same methodologies used in conventional or unconventional generating plants, depending on the main input they use.