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3.7. Import / Export of electricity

The new Law 20.936 of 2016 incorporates for the first time in the Chilean electricity legislation, the export and import of energy and electric services. To export or import must have the authorization of the Ministry of Energy, which must be granted by supreme decree, following a report by the Superintendency, the National Energy Commission and the Coordinator.

In the aforementioned decree, it is necessary to define the regulatory aspects applicable to the energy destined to the exchange, to establish the general conditions of the operation, including at least the term of duration and the specific conditions in which it is authorized. The operating conditions established in the permit must ensure the most economical operation of all the electrical system installations and ensure compliance with the safety and quality of electrical service standards. In addition, as described in Section 2.4.1, the new Law 20.936 of 2016 establishes a segment of the transmission, specially oriented to enable the export or import and therefore the regulation of this type of lines will be independent of the other lines in the country.

Currently, Chile has an electrical interconnection with the Argentine Interconnection System through the Antofagasta region, which is used for sporadic exchanges of energy, through a decree published by the Ministry of Energy that regulates exports (S.D. N°7 of 2015). In addition, in 2016 public and private initiatives were completed to materialize an interconnection with Peru, and  in October 2019, a feasibility study was completed, confirming the technical and economic feasibility of the first interconnection with Peru.