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Annex 7: Links to the main laws, regulations and standards of the electricity sector

The following are the links to the main laws, regulations and standards of the electricity sector to find the most updated versions of them.

Decree with Force of Law N° 4, General Law of Electrical Services (LGSE)
Law 19.940 of 2004 (Short Law I)
Law 20.018 of 2005 (Short Law II)
Law 20.220 of 2007 To Protect the Security of the Supply to Regulated Customers and the Adequacy of the Electric Systems (Provisional Administration Law)
Law 20.257 of 2008 (NCRE Law I)
Law 20.402 of 2009 (Creates the Ministry of Energy)
Law 20.571 of 2012 (Netbilling Law)

Law 21.118 of 2018 (modified Netbilling Law)

Law 20.701 of 2013 (expedited the granting of Electrical Concessions)
Law 20.698 of 2013 (NCRE Law II)
Law 20.720 of 2013 (Bankruptcy Law)
Law 20.726 of 2014 (Interconnection of electric systems)
Law 20.805 of 2015 (Perfect system of regulated tenders)
Law 20.897 of 2016 (Tax exemption regarding solar thermal systems and benefit of lifting suspension of works for NCRE projects
Law 20.928 of 2016 (Tariff Equity Law)
Law 20.936 of 2016 (Law of Transmission and Independent Coordinator of the National Electric System)


Supreme Decree N° 327 of 1997 (LGSE Regulation)
Supreme Decree N° 244 of 2006 (PMGD Regulation)
Supreme Decree N°. 62 of 2006 (Power adequacy regulation)
Supreme Decree N° 113 of 2017 (Ancillary Services Regulation)
Supreme Decree N° 86 of 2012 (Regulation for fixing node price)
Supreme Decree N° 114 of 2012 (Geothermal Concessions)
Supreme Decree N° 71 of 2014 (Regulation Netbilling Law)


The latest technical standards can be downloaded from the website of the National Energy Commission (CNE) through the following link: