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Annex 1.3 Technical Standards

Exempt Resolution N° 9 officially entitled “Establishes Technical Standard with Demands for Security and Quality Service for the SING and SIC” was enacted in February 2007.

The resolution establishes the minimum Security and Service Quality requirements associated with the design and coordination of the interconnected electric systems, as established by the LGSE and its current regulations.

The last modification was made by Exempt Resolution N°37 whose date of promulgation was January 20, 2016 and mainly establishes new requirements to the NCRE generators for the control of frequency and voltage of the network.

Exempt Resolution N° 24 with the official title “Dictates Technical Standard for Connection and Operation of Small Generation Distributed at Medium Voltage” was promulgated in May 2007 and was replaced by Resolution N°501 promulgated on September 23, 2015 under the same title.

The resolution regulates the procedures, methodologies and other requirements for the connection and operation of PMGDs in medium voltage networks of distributor or distribution companies that make use of national public assets.

The last modification to the regulation was made by Resolution N°537 whose date of enactment was July 11, 2016 and among other changes, introduces new definitions for shared facilities defined as the set of consumer facilities of a customer and a PMGD that are connected to the distribution system through a single splice.

Exempt Resolution N° 513 with official title “Dictates Technical Standard for Connection and Operation of equipment of generation in low voltage” was promulgated October 20, 2014. This regulation determines the requirements that must be fulfilled to connect equipment of generation to the networks and inject surplus energy into them. The regulation provides the measures to be taken for the purpose of protecting the safety of persons and property, and security and continuity of supply, among others.